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What is Vilnius Šilumos Tinklai?

Let us tell you about who we are...



As a company

Vilnius Šilumos Tinklai is Lithuania’s largest provider of heating and hot water, servicing 210K+ households and businesses in the capital. Operating a heating network that spans over 740 kilometres, we are responsible for heating 20 million m2 of space. In 2019, we had a turnover of almost €130 million and a profit of €6.3 million.

With the launch of our modern centralized system control centre in 2019, we took a major step into the new age of district heating and cooling.

Our company is guided by two core principles - courage to act and commitment to the planet. This courageous spirit is best embodied by our control room operators, who have tirelessly worked 14-day shifts during the COVID-19 lockdown. And we are so dedicated to making a gradual switch to 100% renewable energy systems that we will create some of these systems ourselves if we have to.

Following the successful IPO organized by our colleagues at Ignitis, we are seeking to become compliant with Nasdaq standards by 2022. Going public would strengthen the emerging Baltic capital market.



As an employer

We are currently the second home for more than 550 skilled professionals, some of whom are even working remotely from places as distant as London.

We take pride in every single colleague and make every effort to help them excel. More than 25% of our managers started on the shop floor.

We want to help shape the next generation of engineers. In addition to ample internship and employment opportunities, we offer a yearly scholarship to energy engineering students.

Lithuania is already listed as one of the TOP10 countries for work-life balance by OECD, but we want to help to take it into the TOP3. That’s why we have become one of the first companies in the country to implement a 4-day working week.



As a catalyst for change 

We want to keep our clients warm while keeping the planet cool. Our goal is to use renewables only by 2030.

So that we can reach this goal sooner, we have partnered with Vilnius Municipality and other institutions and businesses to establish the Intelligent Energy Lab (IEL). IEL is an open platform inviting companies, universities, research facilities and everyone who cares about sustainable energy to collaborate. We are making efforts to solve a number of issues including  how to reuse surplus heat, utilize green data and make district cooling available for every home.

Here are just a few projects made possible by IEL:

  • Pilot project for smart meters with NB-IoT technology;
  • The low-temperature district heating grid is ready to receive first users;
  • Feasibility Study run with Vilnius Tech University regarding low-temperature heating in buildings;

Join us at IEL for a greener future.


Join us at IEL for a greener future